Advice from Molly!

Our newest front of house staff Molly also a full time nutrition student came across this article that she wishes to share with you, take some time and give this a read.

“In more recent years the idea of ‘clean eating’ has become very popular, this piece of writing is highlighting just a few of some really important issues with todays latest fad diets, the dangers of excluding food groups completely and the misdiagnosis of real intolerance diseases. It’s easy to get caught in the trap of following food bloggers for their amazing diet plans and promised weight loss results but often there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that we don’t get to see. People tend to assume because of the mass amount of followers a person may have automatically means¬†they must be right but sometimes there’s no real nutritional or medical knowledge behind the health food claims bloggers make but rather just a personal experience, which might work for them but not for others. Identifying as gluten intolerant or lactose intolerant without a real medical diagnosis can lead to things like protein and calcium deficiency, especially in teenage girls. Cutting carbs out completely of your diet can be just as dangerous. It’s important to take everything you see and read with a pinch of salt and aim to eat a balanced diet specific to what you need. ¬†Next time you’re in DKIT Sport pop in to book a 1 to 1 with one of our trainers who can help and give you a bit of guidance with what to eat to get to where you want to be!”, MOLLY.