World Suicide Prevention Day – Take a Minute, Change a Life

Mental health champions reveal how they’d take a minute to change a life

Just 60 seconds can save a life this World Suicide Prevention Day



Mental health champions have come together to share advice on what they would do to try and change somebody’s life if they had just one minute to do so.

Rugby pundit and author Brent Pope was joined by influencers, bloggers and advocates such as Doug Leddin, Eanna Walsh and Sarah Hanrahan to reveal how they would use this 60 seconds to help somebody who was struggling with their mental health.

To mark World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10th, mental health charity MyMind Centre for Mental Wellbeing and nationwide sports and leisure group Aura Leisure, teamed up for the Take a Minute campaign, to show how it can take just one minute to make a big difference in someone’s life.

CEO and Founder of MyMind Krystian Fikert said, “We live in a very fast paced world today, and seem to barely have time to look up from our phones to notice that someone close to us might be struggling. We wanted to show that by taking just a moment to reach out to someone, can have a real and lasting impact on someone’s life.” “Just by sending a text to ask how they’re doing, sharing information on services that can help, giving them a hug or simply telling them they’re not alone, can go a very long way. Just one minute can bring someone out of the darkness. Just one minute can really help. Just one minute can change a life,” said Krystian.

“Time is one of the most valuable gifts we can give to people – and we often waste it. Let’s all be alert to opportunities to invest a minute, with the right people at the right time – it could be the best investment we ever make!” said Gar Holohan, Chief Executive of Aura Leisure.

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