Covid-19 Health & Safety Update 27-Mar-2020


Following the Government guidelines we will be remaining closed beyond March 29th until further notice.

However, we are not abandoning our mission, and will continue to provide health and fitness content with our at-home workout videos as we well as wellbeing articles and tips to all our wonderful members. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates and checkout our Home Workouts page. Memberships will remain frozen until our centres re-open. We’d like to thank you for all of your support during these unprecedented times.

We also want to take the opportunity to thank all our amazing staff across the company who have been working behind the scenes to continue to drive our value of ’we are all in this together’. We could not be more proud.

With the assistance of the new government support initiatives, we are glad that we can continue to keep our staff on board and work together to continue driving our vision of  ‘A Healthier And Happier Ireland’.

Our commitment to safety has been recognised by the National Irish Safety Organisation (NISO) as a Consistent High Achiever in the Sport & Leisure Industry.