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TRX is a revolutionary, suspension based total-body fitness program that utilizes gravity against the individual’s own body weight to simultaneously develop strength, core strength, balance, flexibility and joint stability. 



Your instructor will take your through a series swinging, pressing and squatting movements making your body more functionally strong and lean. This cast iron ball with a handle also elevates the heart rate and increases your endurance.


Rise & Cycle/Pedal Power

At DKIT Sport we bring you Stages cycle bikes sponsor of TEAM SKY. Stages bikes give you the real feel of cycling outdoors on a real bike with a carbon chain. With digital displays on each bike you can measure your results at each class.


Pump & Lift

If you’re looking for real results fast then Pump & Lift is the class for you! Pump & Lift is a class which uses barbells of low weights and high reps to burn fat while also hitting every muscle group to help achieve a lean looking body.


Stomp to Step

This class never gets old, Stomp your feet to the beats of the music in this iconic class that uses the legendary step to have you sweating up a storm in a fun, energetic class that will leave you wanting more.


Pump & Sculpt

This class is a mixture of barbells and dumbbells preforming all over body exercises to target all muscles. You will tone and shape your body in this 45 min class as well as burn fat and become stronger.


Abs Attack

This 15 min class takes you through a series of ab exercises to help sculpt those abs you make in the kitchen.


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