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DKIT Sport Member Alan Murphy’s Transformation Story

Christmas day 2018, my sister announced that she was about to have my first niece and goddaughter. I was over the moon, but after a couple of months, I was worried about how I would be able to play with her and what sort of role model I would be. I could barely get up a flight of stairs without being winded and would avoid walking anywhere with  people around the building in work out of embarrassment of being breathless.

I stood on the scales in early May 2019 for the first time in a long time. 19 Stone & 13.9 lbs – 127kg. I went into my wardrobe and took out some clothes (that were kind of tight on me!) XXXL T-Shirt and 40 inch waist jeans. I never felt as bad about myself in my life. It was a real low point for me. I didn’t even know what to do or where to start but I knew I couldn’t mope about feeling bad and sorry for myself.

I decided one morning late in May that I was going down to DKIT sport before work and that would be the start of it. I didn’t know what to expect or how to go about anything but emailed in anyway and was told to come visit. It was very intimidating walking in, but met Alan at reception who was due to give me a tour and trial of the place. Within minutes, I felt at home. I had the preconception that I would stand out like a sore thumb – at nearly 20 stone how weird would I look, walking around with all these fit people, who knew what they were at. trying to do what they were doing. However, the atmosphere was completely different. Every member of staff in DKIT greats you with a smile and a hello which puts you at immediate ease.

I stuck at it, consistently turning up. Daniel gave me my first programme to follow and advised me to do the In-Body scan. It gave me my exact body composition, told me where I was carrying weight and what I needed to lose to get healthier. 6 weeks later and I did my 2nd In-Body scan and I couldn’t believe it, I was down  nearly 10kg. Daniel took the results and my programme and adjusted it where it was needed to start really pushing me. I started really feeling good, and before I knew it, I was actually enjoying exercise for the first time in my life.

Along the way, when Daniel wasn’t about, other members of staff would step in. Everyone is always so willing to help you whatever way they can. Ronan always coming over and checking in when he is on the floor, helping and fixing my technique. Gary always full of conversation and encouragement along the way, noting my progress and letting me know how well I was doing. Which is a real confidence booster!

And its not just the staff, other members of DKIT who are there regularly also offer encouragement and support – it really wasn’t something I was expecting. A few have mentioned over the last while how well I have done. One or two offering encouragement or advice. It really is something unique, I was a member in other gyms years back and they were cold sterile places, where you would be lucky for staff to say hello never mind other members! I actually was at a point about 3 months in ready to give up as the scales were stuck and just mentioned it in passing to another member, when he said to me “Don’t look at what others are doing, we are all on our own journey at our own pace – keep at it because you are actually looking great.”

Of course, I do need to point out it isn’t all gym – what you eat is just as important, but luckily DKIT can advise you here!

This has been life changing – I am 6 months in, and the lightest I have been in at least 10 years if not more, 98.6 kg or 15 stone 7 lbs. I have gone from XXXL to Medium and 40 inch waists to 30 inch waists. This is only the beginning of my fitness journey and there’s plenty more to go – however the biggest take away I can give from my experience is this, the weight on the scale simply does not matter – it’s the healthier, leaner and fitter you. The In-body scan teaches you so so much about yourself and what you are made of. At my 3 month point when I was ready to give up because the scale wasn’t moving, I did a scan – what it showed was that while the scale wasn’t moving, my body was. I had still lost 5 kg in fat since my last scan, but gained nearly 4.5 kg in lean muscle.

Would I recommend DKIT – what do you think?

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Alan Murphy

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