This page has been provided as a reference for all the information you need to return safely to DKIT Sport to continue your health and fitness goals. We will be keeping this page updated so do check in regularly.

Things are a little different but rest assured that the new measures we have introduced are there to ensure the highest standards of health and safety so you can enjoy your workout in DKIT Sport with piece of mind.

Please read the below carefully. We need to ensure we operate strictly in adherence to public health guidance and we will implement that guidance with your co-operation.

Book Your Time Slot

Customers will need to book in advance of attending the gym, swimming pool or fitness classes. This may change in the coming weeks in line with government regulations.  Customers can book time slots in advance by phone or email. You can also email but you must receive confirmation email to confirm your booking. We will not be accepting bookings through social media. When we are operational customers can book future slots at reception.

Arriving at DKIT Sport

Our Staff

Please be patient with our staff, while they too are adjusting to these new measures

Enhanced Cleaning Procedures

Enhanced and extensive cleaning schedules and practices have been introduced at all of our centres using our Eco-Friendly ‘Ozone’ cleaning product proven to kill Coronavirus.

Using Our Gym

Things may look and feel different, but it is all in the interest of your safety and having a great workout

Using Our Pool

Research has proven chlorine kills Covid-19

Participating in Fitness Classes

Leaving the Centre