Aoife Loughran – 10 Week Challenge Participant

I was actually lost before I got selected for Michael’s 10 week gym challenge .

I had injured an already weak knee in February and after ignoring it for months and trying to train through it my physio told me not to run at all for 6 months. Following the 6 months of rest I was told no more long running. I loved running and was very sad I couldn’t do it anymore.
During the summer I never once went to the gym and continued to eat badly and was drinking wine four or five nights a week. I didn’t want to do anything but run. My clothes got tighter and my mood lower. It’s the lowest I have ever felt. When I got picked I’d never felt so unfit and on night one I didn’t think I could do it.

Michael, reassuring as he was explained what would come with a flexible diet if combined with training, he just wanted me to be honest and accountable. Throughout the 10 weeks he guided me with weekly meetings and classes, early morning text messages motivating me for the day and weekend ahead, he gave praise where it was due and words of wisdom if and when he felt I’d a bad week. I found the flexible eating amazing. Your accountable for your actions and if my calories were there I could use them for what I wanted. As the weeks went by I made good choices and if there was a bad day there was 6 other good days in the week that I could make up for it.

I’m married eight years now and have two amazing children. My oldest is six and my youngest is two. I am NOW pre-baby weight, I’m also lighter than I was when I got married. I’m fitter, leaner and wiser. I have made fantastic new friends and most of all I’m really truly happy. Thanks Michael!