Becky Shields – 10 Week Challenge Participant

I entered the the 10-week body transformation because my 40th Birthday was coming up on the 18th December 2017, and after having six children my body had changed a lot over the past 20 years. I was already a member of DKIT Sport, but I wasn’t eating properly and I wasn’t working out as many days as I could be or putting much effort in to each work out. I was so delighted when I won a place on the transformation challenge and couldn’t wait to get started.

DKIT Sport staff were so helpful during the 10 weeks, always there to help me when I was struggling and always encouraging me and to give their advice when needed. There were a few weeks during the 10 that I struggled but I was encouraged to keep going and never made to feel like I was a failure. The number of classes that were offered were at times to suit most people’s lifestyles, early morning’s before work, morning classes, lunch break classes and afternoon and evening classes. I would try to attend the boot camp in the morning as I felt it best suited my work and also attended the gym and did my own work outs when I could.

We learnt a lot about eating healthier and the right proportions of protein, carbs & fats. I think it is also important for people to know that weight is only a number, I lost 6kg which doesn’t sound a lot but when you look at my pictures from before and after you can see how much my body shaped changed. I am now more confident and look forward to going out on my 40th Birthday in a figure hugging dress. I plan to continue my healthier lifestyle and keep in contact with my new friends I made during the 10 weeks.