Gillian Marmion – 10 Week Challenge Participant

I started the 10 week challenge with a view and aim to lose the last half stone I have been finding impossible to lose after having my three children. I started in DKIT Sport nearly two years ago and I lost most of the baby weight over that period but have been at a standstill recently.

When I seen that Michael Griffin was leading this challenge I applied straight away and was so lucky to be accepted onto what was going to be a life changing 10 weeks. I have had five knee surgery’s since I was 16. two of which were major with a lot of rehabilitation, after the last surgery at 28 I was advised next surgery was going to be a new knee cap and that is something I aimed to avoid at all costs. However with 3 pregnancies came extra weight gain with a lot of added pressure on the knee cap. I thought I’d join the gym and see if I could strengthen it up and avoid surgery.

In the first few weeks of joining the gym I was lucky enough to have Michael guiding me through the program, he was amazing. Michael showed me low, impactful, alternative exercises that would strengthen my knee. It just amazed me at how he understood, he had so much empathy and could see what my goals were and how I could achieve them even if it wasn’t as straight forward as everyone else’s.

Michael was amazing in the last 10 weeks, encouraging and inspiring me. The flexible eating plan was brilliant and worked so well for me especially with the kids. Michael always checked every exercise with me to ensure as little impact as possible on my knee. Because I am totally comfortable with Michael and trusted him 100% I was not afraid or worried at any stage.

So at the end of this 10 week challenge I not only lost half a stone I lost a full stone, not only am I the weight I was pre-babies BUT I am the weight I was pre-babies and surgeries 22 years ago!!!! I never imagined I could ever reach the weight I was when I was 16 and if I’m honest I’m more toned now then I was at 16 and my knee has never been as strong. The kids are also eating healthier and with mammy having a spring in her step it’s a domino effect so husband and kids are all happy too.