Jennifer Myers – 4 Day Plan Participant – Trainer: Samantha Fox

I’ve recently joined Dkit Sport and completed the 4 day plan with Samantha.

On the first day, I had my weight, body fat, visceral fat, BMI and measurements taken and we had a chat about my goals, how many times a week I was planning on going to the gym and what I wanted to achieve. Samantha then designed a gym program for me based on this.

I’ve achieved excellent results by staying committed to my gym program and eating healthy. Samantha has always been so helpful encouraging and motivating me to stay on track. I booked in 8 weeks later to get my weight and measurements done again and I was absolutely delighted with my results! I feel fitter, leaner and stronger than before I joined.

I would definitely recommend Dkit Sport, it is a brilliant gym and the staff are so helpful and friendly.