Shane’s Loughran’s Story

Shane’s Loughran’s Story

I always had an interest in fitness and training through my life, I played football up until I got injured at the age of 32 and then moved on to running marathons. I ran 3 Dublin marathons from 2012 to 2014. I never really enjoyed the long running but once I reached my goal of 3 marathons I needed a change.

I then tried my hand at cycling; I started to train for a 190 kilometre cycle from Dunleer to Kilkenny which we completed last summer.
While training for marathons and long bike trips over the years I never seemed to lose weight or tone up in any way, I know this is mostly down to diet but I subconsciously thought ‘once you’re training you can eat what you want.’

Last July at the age of 36 I was at the heaviest I have ever been (92.5 kg) and in dire need of a new challenge. I joined DKIT Sport in August but had never really enjoyed other gyms I joined in the past and was pretty skeptical about motivating myself to go this time round.

When I joined, I was offered a fitness plan from a trainer. I was a bit skeptical at first and thought they would push me hard and make me eat chicken and broccoli for breakfast, but I said I would give it a go. Michael was my assigned trainer and he set my mind at ease immediately, his knowledge and love of what he does was infectious and I quickly turned from nervous and skeptical to excited.

Michael gave realistic goals and his constant monitoring and encouragement kept me focused. After about 4 weeks of training and changing my diet I could see the shape of my body change and that was the inspiration to keep going. Like everyone, I had obstacles. I work Full time in Drogheda, live in Dunleer and drive to Dundalk for the Gym. My wife was due our second child in November so I tried to get to the gym as often as possible before then but after some time it became part of my lifestyle and I never imagined sticking to it.

I had my highs and lows throughout this programme. It’s funny, some of my lows came when I couldn’t get to the gym due to work commitments and being a dad. Some days I walked into the gym only to walk straight back out again as I just was not in the mood, but that’s exercise! It’s a love/ hate relationship. When the weight started to come off, the staff started to notice and encouraged me even more. Michael went above and beyond to help and guide me. When I was not being honest he could tell, and in some way encouraged me to make the right decisions. I never knew certain foods could have such an effect of your waistline and certain exercises were more beneficial than others but it was all part of the process.

I can honestly say that DKIT Sport is the best gym I have ever been in and unlike other gyms I have been in the past it is very un-intimidating to first time goers. The staff are all very friendly and so helpful and have any amount of time to help you. I am coming to the end of my 6 month training plan and can honestly say I love going to the gym and can’t wait to set myself the next goal for the summer 2016. I would like to thank all the staff in DKIT Sport for all their help over the last 6 months and most importantly I can’t thank Michael enough for all his hard work and encouragement, not only did he get me 9 kg lighter he also educated me on food and nutrition. I can’t wait for the next challenge.