Membership Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Membership

  1. The use of DKIT Sport (operated by Third Level Fitness Ltd for DKIT Sport Ltd) is strictly reserved for the named applicant.
  2. You are committed to membership for a period of not less than twelve months. Thereafter 30 days written notice must be given to DKIT Sport of your intention to cancel your membership (by registered post). Membership fees are due up to the date of such cancellation. Direct debits run continuously until such notification is received. *Note direct debit runs are due on the 1st of every month, therefore 30 days’ notice should be given prior to the 1st of whichever month you wish to cancel.
  3. Your membership entitles you to use all the facilities of DKIT Sport and to join all the programs and classes. All private tuition and the use of the Sports Dome indoor pitches and birthday party room facilities incur an extra charge. Please ask your Sales Advisor for further details.
  4. Student membership – Members are responsible to submit current valid ID (as recognised by DKIT Sport), otherwise full rates will automatically apply. Please ask your Sales Advisor for details on ID accepted. On renewing your student ID, the ID must be received by the 18th of the month prior debit being applied.
  5. Temporary suspension of membership is only permitted under exceptional circumstances. Please ask your Sales Advisor for further details.
  6. DKIT Sport is not responsible for the loss of personal items or damage to personal property either on the club premises or in the club parking areas. Please ask your Sales Advisor for further details.
  7. In the event of major reconstruction to DKIT Sport premises, every effort will be made by Management to eliminate any diminution of DKIT Sport services. Membership will not be suspended and members co-operative in this respect is assumed.
  8. DKIT Sport General Fitness Evaluation must be completed and signed by all Applicants in advance of using DKIT Sport facilities.
  9. All applicants are advised to undergo a fitness assessment, general screening and enter into a fitness program before making use of any gym/DKIT Sport facilities.
  10. Proper clothing/shoes must be worn all times.
  11. Applicants who are unsuccessful will not be given any reason for such refusal of membership. DKIT Sport membership may be terminated by the management for violation of any rule or regulations of DKIT Sport or for conduct deemed to be detrimental to the welfare, good order or character of DKIT Sport and its members or for any other reason at the sole discretion of the management.
  12. DKIT Sport rules will apply and these rules may change from time to time without prior notice. Please contact DKIT Sport operations for further details or visit our website
  13. If you do want to receive e-mail or test message alerts from DKIT Sport, you can indicate such on the original version of your signed membership form. Under the Data Protection Act 2003, DKIT Sport ensures that your personal details will not be referred to any third party organisations.
  14. GDPR Notice: By signing this form and becoming a member I expressly consent to the retention of my name, email address and any other personal details I have provided on this form for the sole purposes of the completion of this form and dealing with my membership. I also acknowledge that this data will be retained for training or mentoring purposes of me being a member and that I may seek removal of my data or complete a subject access request. I understand that my data (name and email and any other personal details) will be stored on a secure server in the UK for this purpose and that it will not be shared with anyone.

Monthly Fees

In the event of a failed monthly payment, DKIT Sport has the right to re-apply to your bank account or credit card on any date throughout the month for the failed payment; an additional fee of €6 per failed payment will be added. Every effort will be made to contact you in relation to this relation to this failed payment by telephone and by letter prior to deduction from credit card.

Monthly fees are due regardless of usage. DKIT Sport requires a credit card to be held as security against your membership/ monthly payments. If a member defaults on their minimum membership term/cancellation notice, DKIT Sport have the right to apply for payment from the credit card for the remained of the membership term. Every effort will be made by phone and by letter to resolve this issue prior to the deduction of fees from the credit card.

Fitness Assessment

Members are requested to accept responsibility for their personal, medical and physical condition in order to take part in DKIT Sport activities including the use of the gym and gym equipment. Any assessment undertaken in DKIT Sport is for general information only with a view to giving advice and should not be relied on by members as certifying their fitness or otherwise to use the DKIT Sport facilities or equipment. DKIT Sport advises all members to consult with their doctors prior to beginning a program of physical exercise.

In activating my membership, I acknowledge that I have volunteered to participate (whether I do or not in fact participate) in programs of progressive physical exercise. The possibility of certain unusual changes during exercise does exist; for example, disorders of heart beat and very rare instances of heart attack or death. To my knowledge I do not have any limiting physical condition or disability, which would preclude an exercise program. I have been and/or am hereby informed of the need to undergo a physician’s examination prior to my application for membership. I have recently undergone such an examination or have declined to so do. In declining to undergo an examination, I acknowledge that I accept complete responsibility for my health and well-being in all and any voluntary exercise fitness programs and related testing.

I hereby acknowledge and agree that I will enjoy the facilities provided with DKIT Sport entirely at my own risk and that I will not hold or endeavour to hold liable DKIT Sport Ltd, Third Level Fitness Ltd, their servants, agents, officers, employees or representatives for any injury, loss, damage or expense incurred my me or on my behalf or suffered by me or on my behalf arising out of the use or enjoyment of any the facilities of DKIT Sport, howsoever arising.

I hereby confirm and accept that I shall not hold DKIT Sport Ltd or Third Level Fitness Ltd. responsible for any damage or injury howsoever or whensoever caused to me arising from or due to the negligence of DKIT Sport Ltd.

I understand that my applications to membership of DKIT Sport shall be made strictly subject to the Rules, Bye Laws and Regulations of DKIT Sport. Should my application be successful and I am accepted as a member of DKIT Sport, I hereby agree to comply with and be bound by the Rules of DKIT Sport and those Conditions of Membership as set out above. I acknowledge and confirm that I fully understand the effect and importance of the above mentioned Acknowledgements and Conditions of Membership.