Ruairi Fergus – Trainer: Ronan Marmion

I’ve been a member of Dkit Sport for about 4 months. I joined because I wanted to build more muscle on myself because I want to be stronger and look better.

When I first met Ronan, my Gym Instructor, he was very welcoming and understanding of my situation and he took action straight away to write me a gym plan to get me started in the gym. He showed me how to use all of the machines very accurately and I am now very comfortable working out in the gym.

He keeps me up to date and changes my program when we both think it needs changing to something slightly harder or different to build muscle. I have gained 5 kilos of lean muscle since he started helping me and I’ve never felt better.

I am delighted with how fast I am moving with Ronan’s help and plan to keep going for some time. The most helpful person I’ve ever met in regards to gym work!