Sean Hession

Sean Hession Fitness for Golf November 2016

I joined DKIT in September 2015 having previously been a member in another Gym. As a retired person who wished to remain active I was impressed by what I heard on the street in relation to what DKIT had to offer in comparison to other Gyms. I was not disappointed.

I was perhaps fortunate to be introduced to fitness instructor, Paul Hoey, who despite my age and my obvious limitations took an immediate interest in what I wished to achieve. As a serious competitive golfer, we agreed at a formal meeting that the key areas I needed to focus on were flexibility, core strength and general fitness. We agreed on a programme which concentrated on these areas and involved approx 3 visits per week to the gym.

Paul supervised and put me through the programme and kept an eye on my progress and continuously tweaked the programme in line with research he did on fitness for golf. Paul changed the programme every quarter approx and we are now heading into another new programme.

As a result of my fitness, my golf handicap has reduced from 9 to 5 in the past year. This is not a usual phenomenon as people of my age tend to have their handicaps increased as they get older. I have had much success on the golf course and have been selected on most of the club teams that I am eligible for.
What I notice is that my strength levels have increased, my flexibility is much improved, my levels of concentration are higher and tiredness does not set in as the round progresses.

My decision to join DKIT has turned out for me to be an inspired decision for me. You are made feel welcome every day you enter the facility and I am looking forward to continuing my association with Paul and the rest of the team into the future.