10 Week Challenge Testimonials

Laura Neacy

I am so pleased with the progress I have made over the past 10 weeks. I never thought I would see the results I have got in such a short space of time. I haven’t lost a huge amount of kg but there is a big change in my mind-set and my size. I found it very hard at the start to give the time it needed but after week 3 I got into a routine and almost enjoyed it. Michael was a great help and I always felt I could ask for help with training and diet. I felt he genuinely cared about our results which was fantastic.

The biggest result for me is with Michaels help I now I feel confident to train on the gym floor and have a better understanding of the equipment. Before I wouldn’t have dreamt of passing the treadmills and only attended classes. So this alone was worth it for me.

Conor Neacy

I have just finished my 10 week challenge with Michael at DKIT Sport. The challenge has been excellent and I am delighted with my results. I lost 8kg and I can see a massive difference in my clothes and body. Michael is brilliant at explaining everything and motivating you when you are struggling to keep going. The weekly talks and weigh in really help to keep you focused.

The training program is varied enough to keep you interested but easy enough to understand so you can do it yourself once Michael has taught you the basics. Michael is always available to teach, chat or shout at you 😁 and even trained with me a few times. 

All in all an excellent program which will definitely deliver excellent results if you put in the work.

Sharon Duffy

I love training and pushing myself but after months of training and still putting on weight I knew something had to change. Food was my weakness and I needed something that was going to make me accountable and get results, after all you can’t outwork a bad diet! DKIT Sports 10 week challenge came at just the right time. From the beginning Michael shared with me his wealth of experience and knowledge, he was there 24/7.

What I particularly loved about this challenge was that it was so simple. There were no fancy supplements or a magic detox. It was about eating real food, accounting for it and training hard. 10 weeks ago I didn’t believe I would be sitting here 10kg lighter and feeling so much healthier and happier. As daunting as it is taking on a new challenge and stepping on the scales every week, it’s worth it when you see how small changes made consistently make such a huge difference.

Michael was so encouraging and I now know at the end of the ten weeks I can continue on my own and hopefully reach new goals. I still can’t believe I lost 22lbs, almost two stone!! Thank you so much Michael for all your support. I am buzzing for Christmas and fitting into new clothes.

Damien Lee

The weekly meetings with Michael and the rest of the group have been helpful and informative. The group as a collective are all really nice and supportive. I’ve not achieved as much as I know I could solely due to events (no excuses). Since beginning in late September I’ve had a stag, been to London, a wedding and been to New York so I’ve not been as committed food wise as I needed to be. For the first time in 10 years I’ve also picked up a bad dose of the manflu which meant I had to take time off work (and training), again, no excuses.

Throughout the entire process Michael has been extremely supportive, encouraging and impressive. He answered all questions succinctly and to the very best of his ability. He made himself available to all and his watsapp messages daily were informative, interesting and humorous.

Prior to starting this process I hadn’t used or understood ‘My Fitness Pal’ but now I rely on it daily to assist with calorie intake and amount.

I’d like to thank Michael for his persistent support and encouragement and I wouldn’t hesitate to take part in a similar programme at a future date.