Our Local Heroes

Here at DKIT Sport we are very proud of our local heroes including the amazing athletes and teams who represent the county and the country. We are delighted we get to work with them and love to see them coming in to use our facilities here in DKIT Sport. Here’s a few of our local heroes… #dkitcommunity #supportlocals

Amy Broadhurst

Amy Broadhurst is one of the most inspiring and incredible young women you will meet, and we are delighted that she is part of our member base. Amy is a 5 time European gold medallist and 17 time Irish Champion and recently returned from Russia where she captured her fifth European Gold medal in the U-22 lightweight category. She has been using the gym here in DKIT Sport over the last few months as part of her on going fitness and strength based programmes. We are delighted to have her as a member to our club as well as her lovely Dad Tony.  

Kate O’Connor

Kate is a member of St Gerard’s Athletic club here in Dundalk. She is the Irish record holder for the Heptathlon and recently represented Northern Ireland in the Commonwealth Games in Australia were she was the youngest competitor. Her club use the large training pitch in here in DKIT Sport over the winter months. Kate is also a member of the centre and uses all areas of the club to help with her training. She uses the HPU with her various coaches to help with the different disciplines in the sport. She can also been seen on the large training pitch practicing her runs. The pool is used to help with her recovery sessions. Since starting with us Kate has been offered a Scholarship in the University of Texas which she will be starting later this year. 

Babs Wilberg

Babs Wilberg will be representing Ireland at the Blind/Visually Impaired Tennis World Championships for the first time this year.  A German native, who has been living in Dundalk for nearly twenty years, only began playing the sport last May and signed up to DKIT Sport in 2018 originally for pool usage. Babs, who has Type 1 Diabetes and has 4% vision, is a B2 player and was delighted to win her place in the Irish team. ‘For me it is a huge honour to have the choice to play for my country, my island, and to give something back to all the people who crossed by path over the last twenty years,’ she says. We couldn’t be happier for Babs who not surprisingly we do not see quite as regularly now but has more recently requested a program and had assistance form the gym team in relation to supporting her sport and performance and alleviating issues with tennis elbow.

Louth GAA

For the 2nd year running we have had the Louth Senior Hurling team and both the Louth senior Male and Ladies team using the DKIT Sport facilities. 

The hurlers use the gym as part of their ongoing personal strength programmes and make use of the pool facilities for recovery.

The Louth Senior Team have been using the HPU here in the club with their strength and conditioning coach since late last year. They have recently extended their stay with us to help with their ongoing preparation for the Leinster Championship. They also use the pool area after matches for recovery sessions. The players are also encouraged to use the gym facility on an individual basis to assist with their ongoing training.

The Louth Ladies team have also extended their stay with us in DKIT Sport this year. They have been following a Strength and conditioning programme with our very own Shane in the HPU since last November flowed by pitch sessions with their coach on the training pitch. They have just finished top of their division in the league and will be competing in the semi-finals in the next few weeks.